New Website Signals New Interactions For Look Forward Consulting

July 4, 20132 min

San Diego, CA July 4, 2013 – Look Forward Consulting, the San Diego leader in providing high-quality Scrum education and consulting, has officially announced a complete rebranding and relaunch of our website.  The goal of the rebranding and redesign was to provide our new and existing customers greater awareness of the mission of Look Forward Consulting, serve as a continuing educations resource for new and existing customers and offer greater value for visitors.

Some of the key improvements people will notice right away are:

  • Improved layout and design which allows visitors to find the information they are looking for faster and easier.
  • A complete catalogue detailing all eight course offerings available from basic Scrum to advanced topics like estimating and planning, user stories, advanced Team training and advanced ScrumMaster skills.
  • Reorganized  five years worth of Carlton’s insightful and powerful writings on Scrum, Agile, Lean Thinking, high-performing teams and other important topics into a site blog.
  • Introduction of “Look Forward Consulting en español” – the home of all our resources and articles for our Spanish speaking friends.
  • Integration of Event Espresso for supporting course enrollments on our site.
  • Sharing and highlighting of testimonials from former customers and clients.
  • Inauguration of a monthly newsletter “The Way Forward”.

“This new and improved website signals a whole new way that we want to keep in touch with our former customers and students.  We analyzed the site and noticed our core mission – helping people to succeed with Scrum and Agile – was being lost.  Working with Belladia Marketing & Design from San Diego, we focused on how to help people learn more about what we do best, how we can help your company succeed with Scrum and Agile and direct you quickly to the resources you need.  I am extremely happy with the new site.  Come back and visit us often!”