Carlton Nettleton

Carlton Nettleton – President

Carlton is the founder of The Scrum Academy and a Certified Scrum Trainer®.  He has over twenty-five years of experience with Scrum and Agile software development.  When not working with our clients, Carlton enjoys travel, cooking, learning new languages and rugby.

For more details about Carlton’s background and accomplishments, please click here.

Eduardo Gutierrez

Eduardo Gutierrez – VP of LATAM

Eduardo’s passion lies in navigating the creative challenges associated with the development and growth of digital products.  He is a Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner with over ten years of experience developing digital products using Scrum and other Agile software development practices.  In addition, Eduardo is an accomplished product manager who has launched multiple software products in Latin America.  He is excited to work with The Scrum Academy to help further the adoption of Scrum, Agile and modern product management practices in the Latin American region.

Ted Dikmen

Ted Dikmen – Operations Director

Ted is enjoying his second career as Operations Director. After having practiced law for a number of years, he prefers not arguing every day and instead providing excellent customer service. He handles the day-to-day communications and supports inquiries from our customers, and gets in a good game of tennis when time permits.


Bruno – VP of Fun

Bruno is a Boston terrier with a LOT of energy.  If you’re lucky, he may make an appearance during one of our online courses.  Bruno’s primary interests are fetching tennis balls, chewing toys, taking walks, and last but not least, napping in the sun.