The Scrum Academy enables your team to find solutions.

The Scrum Academy enables your team to find solutions.

To Solve Today’s Problems Everyone Needs to Work Together as a Team, The Scrum Academy Shows You How

Last week, these Developers were stuck.  Today, they’re working as a team.

Time and again, we’ve observed that many Scrum Teams don’t do good Scrum because many don’t know what good Scrum looks like.

They’re stuck, causing frustration, a reduction in morale and erosion of engagement.  These Scrum Teams need help and their leaders need a way to boost performance.

Introducing Scrum Team Tune-ups

Our Scrum Team Tune-ups show your Scrum Teams what good Scrum looks like.  Our online, tailored workshops, facilitated by an expert Scrum practitioner, offer your team a high-quality experience that will serve as the reference for their future practice.  More importantly, our tune-ups are designed to get your teams the help they need.

A Tune-up For Every Challenge

When we asked leaders, “What are some of your challenges using Scrum?”, we heard a familiar pattern.  Refinement meetings are pointless, Sprint Planning is a waste of time, the Daily Scrum lacks focus and other complaints.  Most of these issues can be eliminated by simply showing people what good looks like.

Are these some of the challenges you experience?

Everyone complains about refinement

Are your Product Backlog refinement meetings pointless and consume too much of the Scrum Team’s time? Are Developers reporting they have “too many meetings” and not enough time to do “real work”?

Sprint Planning meetings are not effective

Are stakeholders and management becoming increasingly impatient as the Scrum Team fails to meet their Sprint Planning commitments?  Are your Sprint Planning meetings poorly run resulting in miscommunication, unrealistic expectations and decreased morale?

Everyone argues about user story format & details

Do Developers frequently object that their user stories are vague, ambiguous and lack acceptance criteria?  Does it feel like user stories are contributing to customer, end user and stakeholder frustration rather than improving their satisfaction?

Retrospectives are dull and lifeless

Does the Scrum Team complain about the same impediments, over and over again, yet nothing improves?  Are the Developers asking to skip the Retrospective so that they can focus on “real work”?

There is no Definition of Done

Are customers, end users and stakeholders upset by persistent bugs and other signs of low quality software?  Does the Scrum Team routinely have disagreements about what technical tasks are required to complete a user story?

Daily Scrums are unproductive

Do Daily Scrum meetings feel like micromanagement rather than self-management?  Are Developers reciting words at one another during the Daily Scrum, but not truly collaborating with one another?

Are your problems more complex?

Not a problem!  We can build a customized solution for you and your team.

A Quality Solution for Those with a Limited Budget

We know not every leader has a blank check for training and we understand that.  Our tune-ups are designed to quickly get you real results at a price that doesn’t break the bank.