The Scrum Academy uses frameworks to solve real world problems.

The Scrum Academy uses frameworks to solve real world problems.

When Your Problems Are New and Unusual, Training From The Scrum Academy Reveals the Solution

This team just discovered their biggest impediment during a training designed by The Scrum Academy.

Practical Tools You Can Use The Next Day

Our courses are practical, straight to the point and rich in information.  We provide just enough theory to get you started and then give you time and space to experiment.  All our instructors have extensive experience working with Scrum and Agile teams.  They can draw from their years of real world experience to help you overcome your challenges and impediments.

Hands-on, Interactive and Collaborative

The Scrum Academy designs fun, immersive and interactive experiences to help you solve your most pressing problems.  Every training, workshop or experience we deliver is customized and unique.  Believe me, you’re going to love all the interactive activities we have selected for you.

A Partner That Shares Your Values

Our vision is that everyone anywhere can do better Scrum.  To serve you better, we have chosen to focus on these values:

Much like the Spirit of Scrum, we use our values to breathe life into our mission: to show you how to close the gap between what you are doing today with Scrum and what you could achieve in the future.

A Partner That Gives Expert Advice

Our leader, Carlton Nettleton, has over twenty-five years of professional experience spanning all the various roles found within, outside, a Scrum Team - consultant, executive leader, product manager, programmer and instructor. He has written a book on Scrum. He is an expert in facilitation, adult education and instructional design. In this regard, he was recruited by the Scrum Alliance to help design and develop their advanced Scrum certification programs.

The Scrum Academy has been in business for over fifteen years. We have trained over 5,000 students in Scrum, Agile practices and product management. We have students and alumni from every continent (except Antarctica). We have designed in-person, online and on-demand training solutions for enterprises of every size - from startups to companies in the Fortune500 and everything in-between.