Should you invest in advanced Scrum Training copy

Should you invest in advanced Scrum Training?

June 8, 20201 min

There are articles on Reddit and Quora that have lively debates over whether it’s worth someone with existing CSM or CSPO qualifications investing in advanced Scrum Training. The main contention being that on-the-job experience counts as much if not more than formal qualifications. What’s missed in such debates is that the combination of formal training and experiences has an additive effect. A person can frame their experience with the new techniques they learn through further study. Read about the Four Ways to Level Up Your Certification where you can learn about why an advanced certification will accelerate your career.

But there are many advanced Scrum training courses available so how to choose? If however you are looking to truly up-skill then a course with practical experience, not just theory is required. You may even be considering the pathway to A-

CSM, A-CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, further.

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