Everyone has to have a first day…

April 22, 20082 min

…and today is mine.

It is customary to start a new blog with an introduction, so let me begin. My name is Carlton Nettleton and I live in San Diego, CA. I have lived in San Diego since 1995, not counting the 11 months I spent in Texas working for Exxon. I have a master’s degree in Geological Sciences and studied the Valles Caldera in Northern New Mexico as my research project. For the past eight years I have been writing software in a variety of organizations and have a real passion for delivering high quality software projects. My main area of expertise is how teams can use the various Agile software development techniques and practices when they are having trouble meeting their commitments, improving their quality and\or innovating. The more I do this, the more I realize that many of these problems stem from poor communication, lack of ownership and inability to reconcile conflicting priorities.

As for other interests, which you may hear them about from time-to-time, I tend to have omnivorous interests. I love to cook interesting and elaborate meals for my family. The latest thing I cooked that was a big hit was smoked salmons crepes with a dill, caper and cream cheese spread. I love to travel and see new places; Spain being my favorite place to visit with Brazil coming in a close second. As for sports, I am a fan of tennis and rugby. This is rather unfortunate since neither of these sports are covered very much in the US. My taste in music is confined to techno (mostly trance and chill music), classical and opera. I really don’t like much else. Finally, the uber-geek in me enjoys Battlestar Galatica, playing Lord of the Rings Online and geeky games like Settlers of Catan! Oi vey!

Stay in touch and come back soon.