Top articles 10th anniversary

October 17, 20183 min

Here are the ten most-read articles in the 10 years of Look Forward Consulting. Enjoy!

#1 – 14 Scrum Case Studies

With almost every scrum class I offer, one or two students always seem to ask for case studies. I have resisted their calls for case studies since to me a case study is mostly irrelevant to an individual’s learning more about Scrum.  IMO, the best way to learn … see more.

#2 – Impediments vs. Blockers – Why Make the Distinction?

Quick quiz for all you Scrum experts out there. Which of these common scenarios for Scrum Team are blockers and which would be classified as impediments? … read more.

#3 – Scrum roles defined

I do a lot of work with Scrum Teams and the ones that struggle the most are the ones where the Scrum roles are poorly defined and\or not filled properly.  Scrum is a balanced framework and when the roles get … read more.

#4 – LeSS – A Framework to Scale Scrum and Agile

As it turns out, there is a way to do Scrum at scale and it’s name is LeSS – referring to the idea that less is the key to accomplishing more with Scrum.  LeSS, an acronym referring to … read more.

#5 – The 4C’s

Right before Agile 2011, I had the opportunity to co-train a CSM course with an awesome candidate to join the ranks of Certified Scrum Trainers, Karen Greaves.  One of the reasons why I was interested in training with Karen is that she … see more.

#6 – The Perfection Game

I recently came across an awesome and challenging book – Software for Your Head by Jim McCarthy.  There are so many interesting things about this book.  One of the key tools I discovered I can use right away while reading the book was … see more.

#7 – Using a Sprint Burndown Chart

A Sprint Burndown chart is a simple tool used by the Team to provide a measurement on how close they are to meeting the Sprint Goal by the end of the Sprint. Burndown charts are common in Scrum and are simply the trend of work remaining across … see more.

#8 – What is Teamicide?

You ever wonder if organizations even want teams at all? I hear a lot of people in business talk all about the importance of team empowerment and how teams are vital to the business. Then I watch what they do. At times business act in ways that … read more.

#9 – Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

“No one should spend their lives on meaningless work.”

This was the first sentence I underlined in the latest book by Scrum co-creator, Jeff Sutherland, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. This simple sentence … read more.

#10 – What is the Purpose of a Sprint Backlog?

I came across this question\comment on the LinkedIn ScrumMasters group the other day asking about Burndown Charts and management analysis.

“I send out Burndown Charts daily and have been questioned by upper managent as to why … read more.