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Play with Story Cubes & Write Better User Stories at XP 2018 Porto

February 26, 20181 min

February 2018 Lisbon, PT – Great news for people who want more from their user stories and for people looking to have more fun at work with Serious Games.  Carlton Nettleton will be taking his insights, ideas and Story Cubes® to help Scrum practitioners, Product Owners and ScrumMasters write better user stories at XP 2018 Porto Portugal in May 2018. In a forty-five minute session, Carlton will show participants new ways of thinking about user stories, how Story Cubes can change the dynamics of user story refinement and how the Innovation Game of Start Your Day unearths hidden needs and requirements.

“As some people may know, I am very excited about Story Cubes!  There is a reason why Kent Beck (@KentBeck) replaced dry, lifeless requirements documents with stories when he created Extreme Programming.  I am regularly amazed how such a simple concept – picture dice – can influence change and generate deep product insights.  Also, Story Cubes are super fun and engaging!  If you are going to be in Porto for this conference, you have got to come to my session!” said Carlton Nettleton, Certified Scrum Trainer® and President of Look Forward Consulting, when he learned of the news his short workshop was accepted.

XP 2018 Porto is scheduled from May 21st to 25th, 2018, in Porto, Portugal, and you can register by clicking here.  The exact date and time of Carlton’s presentation has yet to be announced, but check back for updates.

Additionally, Carlton, who has recently relocated to Portugal, will also be teaching a Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® classes in Porto and Lisbon.  Class dates and locations can be found by clicking here.