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Top Ten Blog Posts for 2017

January 15, 20182 min

Happy 2018!!!  It’s difficult to believe 2017 is already over!  Since I had a little free time, I looked back at 2017 to see which of my blog posts, out of all my blog posts, were the most popular last year.  here are the results:

  1. Fourteen Scrum Case Studies – this is a regular favorite on the website, but I am bit surprised it was the number #1 article for last year.
  2. Impediments vs. Blockers – Why Make the Distinction –  I initially wrote this article based on a classroom discussion in a CSM course.
  3. The 4C’s – glad to see that my post on how to develop brain-friendly training was of interest to visitors to this site last year.  Last year, I spent a lot of time taking these concepts and applying them to my new site CSP Fast Pass and my C6 approach to on-line education
  4. Scrum Roles Defined– another classic article from this site about the major interactions between the Scrum roles.
  5.  The Perfection Game – my summary of my favorite Core Protocols.
  6. User Story vs. Use Case (and Why Use Cases are Still Important) – I love user stories, but the more time I spend working with software teams, the more I find use case analysis helpful.
  7. The Ten Types of Business Model Pivots in Lean Startup  – this article is about defining the word “pivot” from the world of Lean Startup and giving examples of the most common pivots.
  8. What is the Purpose of a Sprint Backlog? – lots of people do not understand why we have a Sprint Backlog, so this article tries to clear up common misconceptions about an important piece of the Scrum framework.
  9. What is Teamicide? – looking for ways to kill a high-performing team?  This article has eight ways to do the job quickly and effectively!
  10. Offshore Team with Onshore ScrumMaster – Does it Work? – people are constantly trying to make this work, but it doesn’t.  Hopefully, this article has given people some reasons why this failure pattern should be avoided.

As I am sure you know, I will continue blogging and look forward to a big and bright 2018!!!