IMPORTANT Certified Scrum Professional Application Deadline Announced by Scrum Alliance!!!

September 28, 20172 min

San Diego, CA & Lisbon, Portugal (Sept 28th, 2017) – for those of you working towards your Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification under the current Scrum Alliance program, the Scrum Alliance has recently announced a DEADLINE of December 31, 2017.  If you intend to submit a CSP application for consideration under the existing program, you can finish all the educational requirements by Dec 31st with my CSP Fast Pass program.

If you have already started your progress towards the CSP certification and will have the three years of experience by December 31st, you may want to seriously consider completing your studies and submitting your application before December 31, 2017, because …

1. If you do not submit your CSP application before December 31, 2017, all the work you have done accumulating SEU will not count in the new program.  You will have to start over at zero!!!

2.  In the new program, SEU have been deprecated in favor of two to five days (it is variable depending on the instructor) of additional training.  As part of the team who helped create this program, the Scrum Alliance is correct to say the new CSP is “more comprehensive and rigorous.”

3.  Because the CSP program is new, it may not be easy to find the additional training opportunities due to the limited number of qualified instructors (there are about eight to ten instructors as of today).

4.  It may be hard to find in your geographical area because these instructors may not live in close to you.  Currently, there are no qualified instructors in California.

CSP Fast Pass is an on-line, on-demand program designed to fast track the educational requirements for a CSP certification.  In addition to helping you level up your Agile skills, we offer guidance on navigating the existing CSP requirements  and review your CSP application before you submit it.  CSP Fast Pass provides varying degrees of education to match your needs and schedule, with both packages and ala carte units available.

Please check out our programs, or write me an email ( for more information.