Carlton Nettleton to Speak at Agile Connect Lisbon July Meeting

June 29, 20171 min

Lisbon, Portugal – Learn more about the role of the Product Owner in Scrum and how a Product Owner uses Innovation Games® to create market disruption.  In two weeks time, Carlton Nettleton President and Certified Scrum Trainer for Look Forward Consulting, will be speaking at the July meeting of Agile Connect Lisbon.  The title of Carlton’s talk will be, “The Power to Disrupt Markets = Product Owners + Innovation Games,®” and it will start at 7:00 p.m. on July 13th.

In this ninety-minute, hands-on workshop, Carlton will share his insights into what drives disruptive innovation and his experiences using Innovation Games® to develop new products.  During this workshop, he will highlight the key element he feels which enable market disruption, empowered Product Owners armed with a suite of Innovation Games®.

“Over 500 years ago, resourceful Portuguese explorers disrupted global markets by finding a hidden route to India.  On July 13th, I want to explore how market disruption occurs when entrepreneurial business leaders discover hidden customer and market insights.”  In addition to his talk, Carlton will answer any questions about how get started using these tools and what some factors to consider that will increase your likelihood of success.

Agile Connect Lisbon is a community of interest for people who are passionate and have as a common interest Lean & Agile, with the vision of sharing knowledge, fostering networks and supporting practitioner.