CSP Fast Pass Founder to Speak at San Diego Product Managers (Agile or Not) Meetup

May 10, 20171 min

San Diego, CACarlton Nettleton, President of Look Forward Consulting, is pleased to announce he will be speaking at San Diego Product Managers (Agile or Not), on May 15th, at 6:00PM.  His interactive topic will be “Learning from Product Failure to Achieve New Product Success!” His discussion will share the story of developing CSP FastPass, starting from its product design, and including the specific steps taken to evolve the product based customer insights, and bring it to market.  During the discussion, attendees will be asked to take on the role of product designers by creating customer profiles and engaged in hypothesis testing that would help them explore product-solution fit, product-market fit and business model fit value .  The activities will leverage techniques from Value Proposition Design by Alex Osterwalder and Innovation Games by Luke Hohmann.