Carlton Nettleton a Keynoter at Scrum Day Peru

March 16, 20171 min

Lima, Peru – Look Forward Consulting is pleased to announce that Carlton Nettleton  will be a keynote speaker at Scrum Day Perú, to be held on April 7th and 8th, 2017 in Lima, Perú.  Carlton will open the conference on April 7th with his talk, “Learning from Product Failure to Achieve New Product Success!”

This presentation will outline the steps he and Jason Tanner, co-creator and CEO of Applied Frameworks, have taken to build and launch CSP FastPass over the past year and a half.  He will discuss the challenges, and yes, the setbacks, encountered in bringing this product to market and discovering the true customer need.  Specifically, Carlton will share the techniques leveraged from Value Proposition Design by Alex Osterwalder and Innovation Games by Luke Hohmann that were quite helpful for creating accurate customer profiles and testing various hypotheses.

This presentation is based on a workshop provided by Carlton and Jason at the Munich Scrum Gathering in October 2016.  While Jason cannot make it to Lima this year, Carlton is exited to share this story for both of them in Lima, “I’ve never been to Perú and I am excited to be part of what looks to be a very interesting lineup of speakers and topics.”

CSP Fast Pass is a four-month, on-demand and online training and mentoring program designed to shepherd participants through the process of becoming a Certified Scrum Professional so they can do those hard Agile jobs better.