CSP Fast Pass Founders Present Two Topics at Munich Scrum Gathering®

November 1, 20162 min

Munich, Germany – Carlton Nettleton, President of Look Forward Consulting, and Jason Tanner, CEO of Applied Frameworks, were quite busy last month at the Munich Global Scrum Gatherin.  On Wednesday, Oct 19th they presented two, ninety-minute workshops on topics of interest to Product Owners, product managers and product designers.

In the first session of the morning, “Learning from Product Failure to Achieve New Product Success!” Jason and Carlton were co-presenters in a session that shared the story of CSP FastPass to the Scrum Gathering Munich attendees.  In the second morning session, Jason facilitated an additional workshop, “Prioritize your Backlog for Profit,” to offer additional value to Product Owners attending the conference.

Starting the day in their joint workshop, Carlton and Jason delivered attendees an opportunity to learn more about the product design of CSP Fast Pass and the specific steps taken to evolve the product based customer insights.  During the workshop, conference attendees took on the role of product designers by creating customer profiles and engaged in hypothesis testing that would help them explore product-solution fit, product-market fit and business model fit value .  Both activities leveraged techniques from Value Proposition Design by Alex Osterwalder and Innovation Games by Luke Hohmann.  One free copies of these books were given away to session participants

Later in the morning, Jason facilitated an another workshop called, “Prioritize your Backlog for Profit”.  In this session, Jason spent most of the time walking the conference attendees step-by-step through a multi-dimensional model to generate new insights on Product Backlog prioritization.  With the remaining time, he offered a quick-and-dirty prioritization guidelines based on the three rules (“better before cheaper”, “more revenue before reducing cost”, “there are no other rules”) in the book, The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think.

All in all, the both workshop at Munich were a great experience for both Carlton and Jason.  “We were both really happy that we could share new tools and practices with Product Owners in Munich.  Our morning session was great and the workshop participants asked us really insightful questions about CSP Fast Pass.”, said Carlton Nettleton after the conference.

“I agree 100% with what Carlton just said.”, said Jason Tanner.  “Both sessions were well-attended with good energy and everyone was completed engaged on the topics  were we sharing.  Based on the number of participants in my second session, prioritization is clearly topic that resonates with Product Owners.”

The Munich Scrum Gathering® was held October 17 to 19, 2016.  This year’s Scrum Gathering was a large success, with over 640 attendees from forty-one countries.  IF you have not had the chance, we highly recommend attending a Scrum Gathering next year.  The next North America Scrum Gathering is scheduled for April 10 to 12, 2017 in San Diego, CA and the next European Scrum Gathering is scheduled for October 30 to November 1, 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.