First Scrum Day Chile a Massive Success

August 13, 20152 min

thumb_IMG_0687_1024August 13th 2015  Santiago, Chile – over 140 people packed the house on Aug 8th to support the first ever Scrum Day Chile organized by Erich Bühler.  Representing a diverse collection of international speakers, Scrum Day Chile provided five thought provoking presentations for participants representing Chilean software companies big and small.  The topics of Scrum Day Chile included how to listen to the organization for the signals it sends about Agile health, what are the five keys factors to be successful with starting Agile in a new organization, how to launch an Agile team in a five days and new ways to estimate business value to support improved prioritization.

IMG_0725Carlton Nettleton, President of Look Forward Consulting, presented his session on writing marvelous user stories using Rory’s Story Cubes.  Asked about how his session was received, Carlton said, “I will have to admit that I was a little nervous speaking in front of such a large crowd in Spanish, but this was not my first time speaking in a foreign language.  I should not have been worried since people really love the Story Cubes!  Everywhere I go, people instantly connect to the Story Cubes and start having fun.”

Scrum Day Chile is the third time Carlton has spoken at an international event on the topic of improving user stories with Story Cubes.  “I am very passionate about reconnecting people with the true purpose of user stories – telling stories about the software with the customer.  Story Cubes are powerful tool to start telling, and writing, better user stories now.”, said Carlton when asked about why this session has been a recurring theme in his public speaking in 2015.

Carlton’s session on writing marvelous user stories will be offered again at Agile San Diego in September 2015 and at the Scrum Gathering Prague in November 2015.  To view the presentation from Scrum Day Chile (in Spanish), please follow this link to SlideShare.