Play with Story Cubes & Write Better User Stories at Agile San Diego

August 10, 20151 min

StoryCubes_2August 10th 2015 San Diego, CA – great news for people who want more from their user stories and cannot attend the Scrum Gathering Prague!  On September 3rd, Carlton Nettleton will be previewing his Prague session for the members of Agile San Diego.  In this short, interactive workshop, Carlton will offer his insights, ideas and Story Cubes® to help Scrum practitioners, Product Owners and ScrumMasters write better user stories and have more fun at work.  By the end of the evening, Carlton will reveal new ways of thinking about user stories, how Story Cubes can change the dynamics of user story refinement and how the Innovation Game of Start Your Day unearths hidden needs and requirements.

“Agile San Diego is my home.  I am so glad that people in San Diego County can hear more about Story Cubes and how they can use them to support change.  It is no secret that I love Story Cubes!  This is going to be a fun night for everyone!  Come to Agile San Diego on September 4th if you are looking for something new.”, said Carlton Nettleton, President of Look Forward Consulting.

Agile San Diego meets the first Thursday of every month beginning at 6 PM.