High Quality Videos from the Cutting Edge of Scrum and Agile

July 22, 20151 min

A few months back, I had the pleasure to sit down for a short video interview while attending the Scrum Gathering Phoenix.  In this video, I talked about one of my favorite tools, Story Cubes, with one of the nicest people from SolutionsIQ, Alan Dayley (@AlanDayley).  The whole experience was fun and I look forward to my next opportunity to make a video.

As it turns out, SolutionsIQ spoke with a LOT of people at the Scrum Gathering and has published all this content on their YouTube channel – Agile Amped.  So if you are feeling bored at work or looking for some new ideas, be sure to spend some time looking through the forty interviews they have made freely available.  Some of the highlights I found were how have Agile conversations with executives, how to run distributed Retrospectives and hot topics with Scrum, XP and SAFe with Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson.  Thanks SolutionsIQ!