Spanish Teaching Tour Scheduled for Chile & Spain

June 26, 20151 min

3YUGmAIJune 26th, 2015 San Diego, CA – Look Forward Consulting is hitting the road this summer with trips to South America and Europe!  Beginning in August, Carlton Nettleton will be offering Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) classes taught entirely in Spanish utilizing the best from Accelerated Learning and Training from the Back of the Room.   The first CSM course is scheduled for August 5th & 6th in Santiago, Chile and the second CSM course is scheduled for September 30th & October 1st in Barcelona, Spain.  Both of these courses correspond to Scrum Day events in their respective cities – Scrum Day Chile on August 7th and Scrum Day Barcelona on October 2nd.

“My goal at Look Forward Consulting is to bring high-quality, interactive training to Spanish-speaking participants in parts of the world that I feel are underserved.  Chile is a great example of a country that has lots of potential for Scrum and where my style of training can have a real impact.  As an extra bonus, I get to participate in Scrum Day Chile.”, said Carlton Nettleton, President of Look Forward Consulting.  While in Santiago, Carlton will speak about how to write better user stories with Story Cubes.

If you are interested in attending the CSM course in Santiago or the CSM course in Barcelona please contact us or register at Look Forward Consulting.  Early registration for Santiago closes on July 18th and closes on Aug 30th for Barcelona.  As always, if you have a group of people from the same organization interested in attending our courses, the Send Four, Pay for Three promotion will be in effect for both classes.