Lyssa Adkins & Michael Spayd Bring Coaching Agile Teams 3.0 to San Diego

May 26, 20152 min

May 26, 2015 San Diego, CA –  Look Forward Consulting is pleased to announce Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd, from the Agile Coaching Institute, will be coming to town from June 9th to 11th to conduct a three-day Coaching Agile Teams 3.0 course.  This special event, held in the same venue as San Diego Scrum Day 2015, leads up to Scrum Day San Diego which is scheduled for Friday, June 12th.

Coaching Agile Teams 3.0 is based on Lyssa Adkin’s best-selling book, Coaching Agile Teams, and Michael Spayd’s highly anticipated book, Coaching the Agile Enterprise.  In this course, they bring their extensive experience working with individuals, teams and organizations through their Agile transformations.  “As an alumni of the Coaching Agile Teams course, I can personally vouch for this class and speak to how effective it has been for me.  Michael and Lyssa are a great team of instructors and have deep consulting experience in this area.  You do not want to miss this opportunity.”

A Coaching Agile Teams course helps guide you through how to work with complex environments including:

  • Understand and utilize the four key Skill Areas and four Knowledge Areas applied by the best Agile Coaches (ACI’s Agile Coaching Competency Framework).
  • The Integral Agile Operating Model™ – A set of thinking tools and a model for crafting powerful agile coaching interventions.
  • Create healthy teams that are resilient, creative, resourceful and resonant.
  • Listen fully and ask essential, powerful questions that open up new possibilities and propel people into action.
  • Role complexity, including the role of managers and roles in a scaled agile setting.
  • Understand how to address the dysfunctional approaches to conflict teams often develop.
  • Team culture and evolution.
  • Clearly ascertain the distinction between coaching and mentoring and know when to apply each most successfully.
  • Working with the impact of organizational culture.

To learn more about the Coaching Agile Teams 3.0, follow this link.  For information to register for this class, follow this link.