March Madness – One Week of Scrum Training

March 3, 20141 min

madnessSan Diego, CA March 3, 2014 – starting today Look Forward Consulting will be offering a crazy good discount for Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Product Owner courses scheduled to begin on March 31st and end April 4th.  If you are looking to ensure that your first Scrum project is a sensation, then these four days of training will establish a solid foundation for success.  If your Team members, ScrumMasters and Product Owners are mostly self-taught, then these two courses will fill in all the critical gaps in their understanding of how to make Scrum was effectively.

After four days of interactive, engaging and practical hands-on training with absolutely NO Powerpoint, you and your Team can learn the entire framework of Scrum and go from absolutely nothing to a prioritized Product Backlog full of user stories.  By the end of this week, you will have used more than twenty practical Scrum tools that will help your Team deliver value rapidly and amaze your customers, stakeholders and end users. The knowledge and tools contained in these two classes will superpower your delivery of valuable, high-quality software.


Enroll in the Certified ScrumMaster course scheduled for March 31st, sign-up for the Certified Product Owner course scheduled on April 3rd and you will receive a $500 discount off your Certified Product Owner enrollment.  Eligible participants will also receive up to 28 continuing education credits from PMI and the Scrum Alliance.  To reserve your seat and boost your career, register at Look Forward Consulting now and enter the promotion code “BUNDLE” to save $500.