Belladia Marketing and Design Selected to Refresh & Redesign Look Forward Consulting Web Presence

April 19, 20131 min

San Diego, CA April 19, 2013 – beginning six weeks ago, Look Forward Consulting began the process of accepting and reviewing proposals to rebrand and refresh the business’s web presence.  After four years of growth, it was time to refresh the look of the site and rethink how the information is organized on the website.

“After reviewing many providers, I decided to go with Belladia Marketing and Design because they have the experience rebranding small businesses, refreshing old WordPress sites and are local to San Diego County.  During the evaluation process, Lisa Smith was one of the few people who took the time to meet with me and listen to what I needed to grow and expand the business.  It was that combination of proximity, experience and  accessible design aesthetic that won it for Belladia.  Everything about the process of rethinking the ‘personality’ of Look Forward Consulting has been great fun and I look forward to the finished product.”

In addition to a new design, the Look Forward Consulting website will include new features and information about business for new and existing customers.  Two new features most visitors will notice right away will be the new homepage and the ability to register for courses on the website.  In addition, Look Forward Consulting will inaugurate a regular newsletter for subscribers and that content will be archived on the site.

The rollout of the site will occur in two phases.  The first phase will focus mostly on the business rebranding and is scheduled for release in early May 2013.  The second phase which will include reorganizing the existing content, launching the new homepage and the introduction of new features and is scheduled for release in mid-June 2013.