Pay It Forward Summer 2012

June 18, 20121 min

A colleague and friend of mine from Irvine, Bachan Anand, is launching a flurry of Pay It Forward trainings during June, July and August.  The main idea behind a Pay It Forward training is that money should not be barrier for learning about Agile and Scrum.  Each class has a list price and in addition there is a suggested donation – if either of those prices are still too much, then you pay what you can afford.

I listed all the cities Bachan and his team of trainers are going to visit over the summer (this almost sounds like a massive tour) and this link can provide more information if you want to enroll.

  • June – Irvine, San Diego, Chicago, Tampa, Orlando, Austin, New York City, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Hollywood (FL).
  • July – Hartford, San Jose, Buffalo, Charlotte, Atlanta, Simi Valley, Denver and Jakarta.
  • August – Denver, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Irvine, Washington (DC), Philadelphia and Boston.