Fourteen Observations of Good Scrum Practice

March 21, 20122 min

My courses are deliberately designed to exclude PowerPoint presentations and focus on the peer-to-peer interactions, but I recognize that a significant number of students need something physical to take from the class and review later.  In addition, there is no possible way for me to cover every topic the same way in a two-day CSM class, so I needed something for the learners to refer to as a reminder on how to do Scrum well.  As a result, early last year I wrote a book on Scrum – Fourteen Observations of Good Scrum Practice – as teaching aid for my CSM classes.  From the learners I have spoken with, they find the book to be a useful summary of the main concepts in the class, a handy reminder of what we discussed and short introduction to Scrum that they can share with other people at work.  When you attend one of my CSM class, you receive a complementary copy.

I have a lot of interest in helping the Spanish speaking Scrum community grow and there is\was a complete lack of books on Scrum written in Spanish or English language books that had been translated into Spanish.  Now no more!  Earlier this year I published a Spanish translation – Catorce Observaciones para la Práctica de un Buen Scrum – of my book.  It was a lot of work, but now there is a high-quality book on the subject for Scrum for my Spanish speaking friends.  My translator, Diana Perez, was awesome and did a great job.

Finally, I want to thank Chris Sims at Agile Learning Labs for inspiring me to write my own book on Scrum plus explaining to me how easy it is to publish a book on your own.  Without Chris’s inspiration, this book would not be widely available.