Speaking @ USC Code Camp – Oct 23rd & Oct 24th

October 15, 20101 min

It is that time of the year again, time for a trip to USC for SoCal Code Camp.  Here are the topics that I submitted for this year’s event:

  1. Introduction to Scrum – Scrum is a framework for developing high-performing, self-organizing teams to deliver value to customers and the business quickly.  In this hands-on session, Carlton will explain how Scrum works and describe the roles, artifacts and rituals of Scrum.
  2. ScrumMaster’s Toolkit – Are you just getting OK results with Scrum?  One common source of lackluster performance comes from following routine behaviors and ordinary patterns of teamwork associated with the “old way of doing things”.  In this hands-on workshop, you will learn tools that breaks these old patterns, unlocks the potential of Teams and gets them moving toward high-performance.
  3. Selling Your Ideas With a Drawing – Ever stand at a whiteboard & not know what to draw?  Ever watch a good idea got lost in a lot of talk?  Pictures convey ideas more clearly & have a greater impact than a simple conversation.  Come ready to draw diagrams in this hands-on workshop and create powerful diagrams which shift how you visualize your work & convince others.

I’m pretty excited about these sessions since all of them are new for me.