Best Links of the Week – August 13th 2010

August 13, 20101 min

Beat the summer heat with these engaging posts.

  1. Lean Software Experience Report – detailed discussion of how XP and Lean were combined for GlaxoSmithKlein IT projects to support new drug development.
  2. Making People Before Making Products – great article highlighting the import role management plays in developing & mentoring knowledgable workers; watch out for the funky scrollbar.
  3. How to Succeed With Scrum When Your Company is Anti-Agile? – Rob Diana talks about how to recover from previous failed Agile attempts in your company with time-honored values such as lies and entrapment.
  4. How to Do Agile When We Only Have 50 Crap Developers? – a short rant on the importance of having good people on your Agile team; the comments are very interesting, too.
  5. Pair Programming Interviews – an experience report from Rob Bowley on how to use pair programming in your interview process.
  6. The Secret Sauce Recipe to Agile Coaching – Rob Myers talks about what it takes to become an excellent coach for an Agile team.
  7. A Coaching Toolkit – a collection of principles to keep in mind when coaching Agile teams.
  8. Scrum Adoption #1: Awakening – Tobias Mayer examines the concept of awakening as a prerequisite for making inroads with Scrum in your company.
  9. How to Screw Up Agile – great mind map on the factors which inhibit (and help) Agile grow in your organization.