Best Links of the Week – July 16th 2010

July 16, 20101 min

Passing on some good summer reading.

  1. Core of Agile and Scrum – essential principles of Agile and Scrum that transcend the software development.
  2. Three Legs to an Agile Transition – George Dinwiddie looks at how teamwork, visible progress and continuous improvement are key to change organizational culture.
  3. Why Multiple Product Owners is a Bad Idea – read the article to find out how having multiple people setting priorities short circuits the role.
  4. Nobody Can Do Agile – Simon Bennett explains why Agile is about thinking, not doing.
  5. Agile Requires Cross-Functional Teams – Johanna Rothman discusses why cross-functional teams are essential for Scrum and other Agile processes.
  6. Sir, Please Step Away From the Team – common the changes in management style for managers when Agile teams start in your organization.
  7. Story Time! The hidden Scrum meeting – ever wonder when the requirements and the analysis happens on a Scrum Team?
  8. How Does a PM and SM Coexisit? – a reader asks Michelle Sliger how the role of the project manager changes with the introduction of ScrumMasters.
  9. Truly Agile CMMI – a short blog and video about a company that gets both Agile and CMMI.
  10. Millennials and Scrum, Made for Each Other – Lyssa Adkins talks about how the Scrum values and principles align with a new cohort entering  the workforce.