Best Links of the Week – July 2nd 2010

July 2, 20101 min

New stuff to read and learn before the holiday

  1. The Zen of Scrum – Jurgen Appelo provides a 70-minute video overview of Scrum, roles and philosophy.
  2. The Difference Between Waterfall, Iterative Waterfall, Scrum & Lean (in pictures) – Visual representations of these various processes.
  3. Company Culture Affects Your Code – A short examination of influence of Conway’s Law and culture on your software projects.
  4. Explosion of Agile Practices – A list of 50 or so common practices used on Agile teams.
  5. My Progression Toward Kanban – Brian Doll provides a good overview of Lean software development techniques and his personal journey there.
  6. Post Agile Companies – Cory Foy looks at three Agile organizations and explains why understanding the Agile principles and values is more important than doing the Agile practices.
  7. How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek describes a simple model to inspire others in this 18-minute video from TED.
  8. Iterative and Incremental Development – Explanation of the difference between incremental vs. iterative software development (IID) and the history of IID.
  9. Why Estimate Twice? – Good overview on the common practice of estimating the size of features, while estimating the duration of tasks.