Best Links of the Week – June 18th 2010

June 18, 20101 min

Some new links to share and idea to learn.

  1. What Does an Agile Coach Do? – Considering an Agile\Scrum Pilot?  Don Gray talks about what you might expect from your new Agile Coach.
  2. Should the ScrumMaster Also Be a Member of the Team? – Clinton Keith provides his perspective to a common question\scenario many Scrum teams face when starting out (with good dialogue in the comments).
  3. Pathologies of the Daily Scrum – Experience report from a session at Agile Ottawa identifying ways daily standup meetings breakdown and some suggestions to improve your daily meetings.
  4. Institutionalized Agility – Rob Myers discusses some of the common obstacles when your organization decides to “go Agile”.
  5. Balancing Agile – Special guest poster, Alan Shalloway, talks about the role of management in an Agile process.
  6. Do You Need Iteration Zero: A Case Study – Jim Shore examines a common practice when starting up new Agile teams and critically evaluates how necessary it is today.
  7. Why Your Agile Project Cannot Be a Success – List of 32 items that increase the risk of failure for your Agile project and point to signs that you do not understand Agile.
  8. The Dangers of Agile Development – Jeff Anderson takes a humorous look at some of the real risks posed by Agile projects.
  9. Making Change Stick – Steve Denning looks at the ten practices\principles to understand when leading a change effort.
  10. The Myth of Utilization – If your computer slows down at 100% utilization, then why do we ask our team members to do the same?