Best Links of the Week – Mar 27th 2010

April 27, 20101 min

More good links to share with others.

  1. Ouija Board Estimation\Seance Sizing – a new method for estimation that relies on team, not the undead.
  2. Is the Agile Community Being Unreasonable? – InfoQ takes a look at the friction between the PMBOK and Agile principles.
  3. Toyotas’ Journey from Waterfall to Lean Software Development – Henrick Kniberg takes a visit to Toyota and peaks under the hood to see how a Lean company develops software.  What he finds will surprise you!
  4. Defining the Last Responsible Moment – Karl Scotland puts some meat on this fuzzy Lean concept by looking at the cost vs benefit of delay.
  5. Managing vs. Coaching vs. Mentoring – Jurgen Appelo makes the distinction between these three concepts.
  6. The Problems With Acceptance Testing – thoughtful entry by Jim Shore reevaluating the importance of automated acceptance testing on Agile projects.
  7. Alternatives to Acceptance Testing – more from Jim Shore on what can be used in place of automated acceptance testing.
  8. More on Automated Acceptance Testing – George Dinwiddie adds his perspective to the topic of automated acceptance testing.
  9. The Path to Frequent Deployments – a report from Kent Beck, author of Extreme Programming, on how to  increase development speed by moving from annual to quarterly to monthly to weekly and finally to daily deployments.
  10. How to Be a Great Tech Leader – Richard Kasperowski talks about the technical elements needed to succeed when running an Agile project.