8 Great PDU on May 13th @ 7th Annual PMI San Diego Conference!

April 9, 20101 min

Are you looking to have some fun and do something hands-on & different during the conference? Want to learn about teamwork and motivation? Then sign-up for my one-day seminar – Leaping to Success with High Performing Teams – at the 7th Annual PMI San Diego Conference.

Building high-performing teams is the result of a complex interplay of six essential skills: leadership, team building, motivation, communication, decision making and negotiation. In this one-day interactive seminar, you will learn how to develop, nurture and sustain high-performing teams by improving your skills in these area while participating in a fast-moving, rich simulation designed to mirror real-life challenges and situations. This thought-provoking, fun game has powerful insights on team dynamics and interpersonal interactions for any manager or senior leader in your organization.

If you are interested please read this review of the simulation and be sure to sign-up when you register for the 7th Annual PMI San Diego Conference. Hope to see you there!

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