Speaking at PMI San Diego Conference – May 13th & 14th

March 25, 20101 min

Just wanted to let folks know that I will be speaking at the PMI San Diego 2010 conference.  I will be running a full-day seminar on May 13th and a 60-minute tutorial on May 14th.  I am very excited about this opportunity and encourage folks to attend either day.

  • Leaping to Success with High Performing Teams – in this May 13th seminar, I will be running a SIMSOC.  This is a great opportunity to participate in this exciting and interesting simulation to earn about what factors help teams self-organize and that high-performing state.  The last time I ran this class, it got great reviews and was a lot of fun.
  • Agile Playground – on May 14th, I will be leading a tutorial which uses games to help people experience Agile principles.  I have found to really begin to understand Agile, one needs to experience the principles and values at an emotional level, rather than an intellectual level.  The exercises I will be using in the tutorial will open your mind to what Agile is all about.

That is what I have scheduled for the month of May, I have more exciting stuff planned for June.  Stay tuned, in the meantime, please register for the PMI San Diego 2010 conference today.