Best Links of the Week – Feb 22nd 2010

February 22, 20101 min

Links to share with your friends and co-workers

  1. Is an Agile PMO possible? – Curt Finch talks about the values of both Agile practices, PMI standards and how to marry the two.
  2. Self-organization: the secret sauce for improving your Scrum team – In this 90-miute video for Google, Jeff Sutherland talks about the role of self-organization and other advanced Scrum techniques.
  3. The Agile Flywheel – a short experience report describing how one company melded Scrum with their mature ITIL processes.
  4. Just do it: a quick intro to Agile’s technical practices – a summary of the technical core of Agile software development by Abby Fichtner.
  5. I love pair programming – Discussion on the effectiveness and the challenges of pair programming after a five month trial.