Best Links of the Week – Feb 9th 2010

February 9, 20101 min

Excellent links for everyone to share.

  1. Pollyanna Pixton on Agile Leadership – a 30-minute video talking about the factors corporate leaders can influence which support Agile teams.
  2. How I Learned to Program Manage an Agile Team After 6 Years of Waterfall – Sara Ford describes in brutal candor her experience becoming an Agile PM while working on CodePlex at Microsoft.
  3. Explaining Agile – Mike Cottmeyer neatly summarizes his understanding of Agile.
  4. How to Compare Elephant Herds – Dave Nicolette finally (?) explains why comparing teams through velocity is meaningless.
  5. What Does a ScrumMaster Do? – for those of  you who are curious and wanted to know.
  6. Replacing the Iron Triangle of Project Management? – short discussion on reevaluating a well-accepted PM paradigm.
  7. Adopting Agile Development – the Role of the CIO – how senior leaders in your organization can help promote Agile adoption.
  8. Moving Beyond Scrum – a look at some reasons why one might want to take the next step.
  9. Tragic Mistakes When Adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD) – Scott Ambler discussing some pitfalls & obstacles companies encounter when they begin the process of using TDD.
  10. Comparison of Open Agile with Scrum – introduction of a domain-independent framework for delivering value while using Agile principles via a compare-and-contrast with Scrum