Best Links of the Week – Feb 1st 2010

February 1, 20101 min

Here are two weeks worth of linkie goodness for everyone.

  1. 4th Annual State of Agile Survey – VersionOne, an Agile project management tool, has published their annual survey on the adoption of Agile; a great source of industry statistics and window into how other companies are using Agile.
  2. From Waterfall to Agile – in this 16-minute video Ian Culling, the CTO of VersionOne, talks about the Agile journey and common pitfalls he has observed.
  3. Scrum for Managers – in this 90-minute talk Mitch Lacey, CST and (former) Microsoft PMP, gives an excellent overview of Scrum and the new role for managers.
  4. Protect People – Jurgen Appelo discusses the role of managers in creating a safe interpersonal environment so self-organizing teams can form and flourish.
  5. Tips for First-Time Scrummasters – pitfalls to look out for on that first Scrum project.
  6. Top 10 Estimation Practices in Agile – excellent, excellent summary of current practice on Agile teams today.
  7. Assessing Agile Readiness – a 20-minute video from Joshua Kerievsky discussing the process of kicking off Agile at your company.
  8. Getting Better Agile Transitions – Mike Sutton describes some factors to consider when selecting a coach to help your company become more Agile.
  9. 10 Rules for Better Management – a short checklist on ways to become a better manager; I like to item on control charts.