Agile Games @ XPSD Jan 13th

January 13, 20101 min

I am facilitating an Agile Playground session with June at XPSD tonight.  Stop by if you are interested in learning some Agile games and want to have some fun.  Here is the short write-up from the XPSD wiki:

“What is Agile software development? What are the essentials I need to know about this stuff? Why is my Agile team so dull and boring? Looking to get energized? Come to this introductory session hosted by Carlton Nettleton & June Clarke and they will demonstrate as many Agile principles and practices as they can in 75 minutes of fun through a variety of short simulations and participatory games. Walk away with the critical insights, the “ah-ha” moments, where the essential Agile concepts slip into place and make sense.”