Best Links of the Week – Jan 12th 2010

January 12, 20101 min

Here are some links to the best of the blogs since the beginning of the year.

  1. The Role of Leaders on a Self-Organizing Team – Mike Cohn talks about the important role management continues to play on Scrum teams.
  2. Agile Scales, Waterfall Doesn’t – or so claims Vasco Duarte during this 48-minute video from the Agile Eastern Europe 2009 Conference.
  3. Scrum, But – in this 10-minute video Scrum co-founder, Ken Schwaber, explains the negative impact on your business of “We use Scrum, but…”
  4. Management 3.0: The Era of Complexity – Jurgen Appelo describes the new role of social networks as management dives into the 21st century.
  5. Faster, Better, Cheaper! TDD wins in a simple experiment – a side-by-side comparison of two software developers working on the same project – one using Test-Driven Development (TDD), the other not; the developer who used TDD increased his productivity by 50%!
  6. Agile Game Interview: Simplicity is Hard – Clinton Keith interviews Chris Ulm, CEO of Appy Entertainment, about why Agile is an essential factor in their successful launch of high quality, iPhone games.
  7. Embedded Collaboration – Dave Rooney kicks off this post with a classic quote from “The Princess Bride” to explain the real meaning of collaboration.
  8. Agile Office Space – the Motley Fool shows off their cool Agile workspace and describes the principles they used to create this space.
  9. Wives of Rockstar San Diego Employees Have Collected Themselves – apparently some people are fed-up with yet another death march in the gaming industry and interesting from commentary from Clinton Keith that Scrum is not the solution, but provides visibility and a reality check to wishful thinking.