Submissions to PMI San Diego Conference

January 7, 20101 min

Here are my submissions to PMI San Diego’s 7th Annual PM Conference scheduled for May 12th to 14th.  I am hoping that one of them gets accepted.

  1. Leaping to Success with High Performing Teams: this is a one-day workshop on the importance of team building through SIMSOC.
  2. Debunking Myths About Agile Software Development: this is a new presentation for me and I am really excited about the format.  Instead of your typical powerpoint presentation where I dissect each of the common myths I have and the the audience passively listens to me, I am going to engage the participants in collecting the myths and we’ll have a conversation about the myths they are interested in learning more about.
  3. Agile Playground: another one-hour tutorial where we are going to play games to illustrate common Agile principles and concepts.  Hat tip to Tobias Mayer for the great name.