Speaking @ Fullerton Code Camp – Jan 30 & 31

January 4, 20101 min

If you are looking to see me speak in person, be sure to come to the Fullerton Code Camp.  I will have three presentations on Agile.

  1. Experiencing Agile Through Games: Are you bored at work? Is your Agile team devoid of fun? It could be that you are following the mechanics of your process, but missed out on the critical insight, the “ah-ha” moment, where everything clicked and it all fit into place. Come to this session hosted by Carlton Nettleton and he will demonstrate as many Agile principles and practices he can in 75 minutes through a variety of short simulations and games. Walk away energized and excited about working on an Agile team.
  2. Agile Planning Workshop: Every time I speak about Agile software development, I often hear this statement, “Agile teams never know when they are going to be done.”  With the teams I coach, this is not the case.  Come to this workshop and we will walk through the steps I use when planning an Agile team.  Learn the practical tools and techniques for estimating, planning, reporting progress and keeping the stakeholders in the loop. This session will focus more on principles and tools used in Agile planning.
  3. Debunking Myths About Agile Software Development: With so many myths surrounding Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean and Agile software development these days how is someone supposed to succeed with these processes when there is so much half-truth and opinions masquerading as practice and fact? In this workshop, we will look at the myths surrounding planning, deadlines, documentation, architecture & design, requirements, testing, pair programming and other common misconceptions about Agile teams. By the end of this session, Carlton Nettleton will provide real facts about Agile software development, refuting many of these myths once-and-for-all.