Best Links of the Week – Christmas 2009

December 25, 20091 min

A bag full of Christmas links.

  1. Grooming the Product Backlog – Laura Brandenburg talks about the role of requirements management through the Scrum Product Backlog.
  2. Make the Product Backlog DEEP – more on good practices for maintaining the Product Backlog from Mike Cohn.
  3. Why is Agile so Hard to Sell? – describes some of the issues growing Agile in the enterprise.
  4. Is Scrum for Lazy Project Teams? – looks at the misconception that Scrum does not challenge teams to work their hardest.
  5. When the Scrummaster Becomes the Impediment – different perspectives on how to solve the problem when the Scrummaster becomes a bottleneck.
  6. A Day in the Life of a Scrum Team – a short 6-minute YouTube video of a Scrum Team in their native environment.
  7. Agile Business Analysts – what is the role of the business analyst on an Agile team?
  8. Building trust – five concrete things you can do to build trust on your teams.
  9. Something in Agile Needs Fixing – Rob Bowley summarizes the Open Space discussion on the topic of “Agile isn’t solving our customers problems because they aren’t here.”