The Wind that Shakes the Barley

December 2, 20091 min


Wow! What an incredible movie! This is a story about two brothers who take up arms against the British during the Irish War of Independence and how they then become involved in the Irish Civil War that follows. It is a very sad movie and I imagine quite representative (I don’t know – I’m not Irish) of the repression the Irish suffered under the British. A truly a griping film that shows us how regular people can be driven to commit great acts of cruelty and violence to achieve an end that many people would consider “good”.

To me, war is a force of nature like a hurricane, earthquake or a tornado. We have no control over its destructive power, where it goes, how many lives it will ruin or how long it will last. War corrupts and destroys everything it touches. I hate war with all my fiber because it is so evil and terrible. This movie shows these effects on the lives of the characters and how twisted everything becomes as a result of the war.