Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen

November 20, 20091 min

If I told you a movie would have more robots, more explosion and more fighting, you’d say “sequel”.  But what if I told you the movie also dropped all the affable charm, humor and innocence of the first movie?  You’d probably skip the film.  Or you’d probably be like these stars wondering where their movie went?


I wanted to like this movie since I really liked the first movie a lot.  So many things came together in the first movie to make it an enjoyable summer entertainment.  Unfortunately, some producer decided the sequel needed more robots and less people, so the movie ended up flat like a can of Coke left out over night.

I guess what really irked me were the dumb Skids and Mudflap robots.  Why would an alien species of machines talk like 13-year-old boys complete with homophobic posturing and putdowns?  It is hard to be entertained when animated things are putting you down in a not funny way.