SoCal Code Camp – Nov 21 & Nov 22

October 16, 20091 min

I will be presenting three sessions at the LA Code Camp this year.  Surprisingly, I am not going to be giving my Top Ten Refactoring session; I just did not feel in the mood to do it this year.  Have no fear, Llywellyn and Woody Zuill have that topic covered in their excellent Code Excellence for the Average Programmer talk and demonstration.

The sessions I will be giving are:

  1. Experiencing Agile Through Games: we will be playing as many Agile simulations and games as we can in 75 minutes.
  2. Insights Into Scrum Illuminated by Lean: we do a lot of counter-intuitive things in Scrum, by looking at Lean we can see why they make sense.
  3. Techniques for Improving Distributed Scrum Teams: an encore presentation of my Oct 1st talk at XPSD session about my work in Shanghai this year.