Agile Open NoCal – Oct 15 & Oct 16

October 8, 20091 min

Wanted to alert folks that I will be attending the Agile Open event being held in Fort Mason, San Francisco next week.  I attended the Agile Open SoCal event in Irvine during September and that was very fun, educational and was a great way to meet a lot of my peers in Southern California.  This event in NoCal will be a good way to network with the folks in the Bay Area.

Just like in Irvine, the San Francisco event will be run as an Open Space.  If you have not had a chance to attend an Open Space, I highly recommend it.  They are quite interesting, exciting and empowering.  As with many gatherings of people,the most interesting parts happen during the conversations people have with each other.  Open Space is designed to get people who are passionate on a topic in the same room together to talk.  I am sure I will host a lightning talk session and a session to gather Agile games people are using these days.