Quantum of Solace

November 28, 20081 min

Saw this movie on Friday when everyone was out shopping (or shooting themselves – you take your pick).  I really enjoy Daniel Craig as the latest incarnation of James Bond and like the physical aspect of this Bond.  There are very few gadgets and these movies tend to be about leaps, fights and other physical feats.  Not to give away any spoilers, but the movie starts off in typical Bond-fashion: very thrilling and gets the action moving with good pacing between action scenes and plot development and Bond being roguish.  In general, the film is good with the climatic confrontation between Bond and the villains at the end being a bit tedious.  Surprisingly, the famous James Bond theme music is not shown until the credits.

After watching this movie, I get the impression the studio is retelling\reimaging the Bond storylines with Quantum being the new SPECTRE. I am not sure if this is the case, so we will have to see.