Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

November 21, 20081 min

This movie was barely watchable, I wish I had those 2 hours back.   Talk about milking a franchise to the very end!


I mean, how old is Harrison Ford these days?  When you have a head full of gray hair, its time to hang up the bullwhip and fedora.  Oh, and how much money did they give Cate Blanchett for that dismal performance?  Not enough, ’cause she had the worst “Russian” accent ever!  And don’t get me started on Spielburg & Lucas – can they even write a story that doesn’t have aliens in it?  Puh-leaze – Indiana Jones fights Nazis, not ET.  Talk about a lack of immagination.

Just to show I am not a complete snob, to this day I still like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  I think it is the most slapstick and funny of the series.  How can you beat a banquet scene where they serve bugs, eyeball soup and monkey brains for desert?