Great Tool For Training

September 18, 20081 min

A coworker of mine shared with me a great tool to help people know when it is time to come back from breaks during a training session – ZoomIt.  It is designed to allow you to zoom in on parts of your screen during a presentation and annotate the screen, but I find the reverse timer the best aspect of this tool.


Say you are doing a training and want to have a two minute break.  Instead of trying to synch up everyone’s watches, just use this simple tool and people can visually see how much time they have left until break is over.  I was a bit skeptical that this tool was valauble, but during a recent training engagement, I noticed I had lost a lot of time in my class waiting for people to come back from breaks.  With the addition of this simple, unobstrusive tool people came back on time from breaks.

ZoomIt is a must have for anyone who does a lot of trainings!