Kick Off

June 24, 20081 min

On the Scrum mailing list, Alan Shalloway came up with a great list for questions you need to answer before starting your Scrum teams. In his experience, this checklist becomes very useful after the organization reaches 75 people.kick_off

  • How do I know I’m done planning?
  • What documents do I have?
  • What do I know?
  • How do I know I’m ready for my first Sprint?

These are the business and architectural requirements for starting the first Sprint.

  • Project/Product Vision Statement, OBT (Why are we here?)
  • Release plan set
  • Product backlog established and visible
  • Initial Estimate w/Top-Line (story points) established and visible
  • Sprint length set
  • Prioritized and estimated Feature list
  • Architectural goals/approach identified and visible
  • Dependencies & Risks Identified and made visible
  • Conceptual design completed

The Team and their Environment also needs to be prepared before embarking on Scrum.

  • Team established with roles set
  • Trained in Lean-Agile Software development (process and technical practices)
  • Definition of “Done” established and documented (unit, functional, acceptance)
  • Testing approach committed to (Unit, Functional, Acceptance) and visible
  • Information radiator established and visible
  • Tools for testing, coding, integrating, building selected and installed