I’m Going to Agile Coach Camp!

May 22, 20081 min

It’s kinda like going to Hollywood, but for the ubergeeks. When I mentioned this at home, not a single person cared (that much). All they wanted to know is what would they be doing while I was at the conference. It’s in Ann Arbor, MI – so not that much.

A few weeks back, I saw a throw away posting on one of the Agile usergroups and investigated it. Agile Coach Camp is being held on May 31st to June 1st and follows the mold of the various Code Camps, the attendees create and present the content (it will be run as an Open Space). At this point in my career, attending a conference about best practices, new technologies or general Agile development practices is not doing that much for me. I need to be talking with my peers who are doing this work each-and-everyday. I want to learn about what sorts of challenges they are facing and any special “tricks” they might have. Most of all I want to talk with people who really get this stuff and are excited by it.

I will do my best to blog about the different sessions I attend, so my readers (whoever you are) can learn a new thing or two. I will try to take some pictures of the people I meet as well. Also, if I have something to present, I will be try to preview the ideas here first and\or expand upon them more later.