The Scrum 50000 Mile Maintenance – April 28th

April 1, 20101 min

I will be offering a short seminar about Scrum for PMI San Diego at the end of the month.  I am looking forward to speaking to a new audience about Scrum and providing education on what Scrum really is and what it entails.  In this two-hour seminar, I will be building on the concepts, principles and ideas I plan on exploring in the Welfare CSM class (more on that later) and at the PMI San Diego 2010 conference in May.  This should be really fun and a great opportunity to build your personal network, so if you are interested in attending, register here.

Here is the description of the meeting to help you understand my focus:

Having problems with Scrum? Are you getting all the benefits you were promised? Scrum is a framework for managing complex programs and projects by combining collaborative, self-organizing teams with short, iterative cycles. While Scrum is easy to set-up, true success and real improvements are frequently difficult to achieve. The simplicity of the Scrum framework regularly hides the essential principles – collaboration, visibility, self-organization, empowerment and respect – which your organization must support and cultivate for Scrum to succeed. In this 2-PDU workshop, Carlton Nettleton will share his insights into Scrum and lead you through a number of hands-on exercises and simulations to help you re-focus your efforts on the fundamental Scrum principles.

Hope to see you there!